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How to use the team builder
How to use the team builder

Hiring and growing your team? So many things to remember! Here's a step-by-step guide to use the team builder feature.

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Need assistance using the team builder and all its powerful features?

Look no further!

1. Create your model

2. Go to the "team" tab in the model builder

Click "Financial model builder" in the left hand menu, then click the "Team" tab

3. Your default view

Navigating to the team tab this will be you default view.

Customising your view and functions

You can chose to have the graph visible at all time by clicking "Show/hide graph"

Customise which columns are shown in your view by selecting them through the "Customise columns" function.

4. Adding a team member - the basics

First select the team category where you'd like to add the team member.

  • Select the description or name of the team member
    e.g. "Peter" or "COO"

  • Chose if the team member is 'permanent' or a 'contractor'.
    This can affect some of the elements in Step 5.

  • 'Frequency' allows you to decide how the remuneration will be added to your model.
    Depending on your country you might prefer to model permanent positions with an annual salary or a monthly salary. Contractors might be one-off.

  • 'From' and 'Until' decides the starting and end date of the team member.
    By default these are set to your model duration.

  • 'Amount' is the actual cost
    Based on your frequency choice you can add that as an annual, one-off etc.

  • Click the '+' button to save

Note! If you'd like different types of team categories get in touch with us via the chat and we can help update these.

5. Customising a team member with Cost of Employment functions

Customising the cost of the employment further is possible by expanding the employee banner.

  • Click the ' >' button to access more functions
    This will allow you to set the tax/N.I, pension, bonus, recruitment fees, training and other rewards.

  • Edit salary in subsequent months by clicking in the cell
    You can also drag the new value to subsequent months.

  • Add 'Salary growth'
    Per default any salary entered will not change over time, however, you can add an expected salary growth and automatically apply this per year or month.

  • Set Employer's pension
    Add employer's pension contribution to the model

  • Add a bonus
    You can add the bonus as a percentage or fixed amount, monthly or annually

  • Add recruitment fees
    If you have specific costs associated to recruitment these can be added directly by editing the cells in the relevant months.

  • Training, development and rewards can be added as monthly costs

  • Click save to reflect your changes to your model

Note! Completing the Cost of Employment will generate a salary factor. This gives you an idea of the extra costs beyond salary your team will have in general and will make it easier to plan and budget for new hires.

6. Your sales team is automatically included in CAC

Any team member in "Sales team" will automatically be added to your customer acquisition cost.

7. Cloning an employee

Once you've created a team member you might want to save all the settings of the first team member so you don't have to fill in everything from scratch.

  • Click the settings (thee dots) in the collapsed banner

  • Then click "Make copies of this record"

  • If you want to move this team member to another category, use the "Move this record.." function

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