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How to use the Expense builder
How to use the Expense builder
The ins and outs of modelling your expenses
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Here's a step by step guide on how to use Canaree's expenses builder.

1. Create your model

2. Go to the expenses tab in the model builder

Click "Financial model builder" in the left hand menu, then click the "Expenses" tab

3. Click one the banners to expand the category

Note! If you need different categories than those presented, get in touch via chat and we can help create them for you.

4. Create an expense

  • Name your expense

  • Select frequency

  • Select the month or duration of the cost

  • Enter amount

  • Connect COGS to revenue stream or leave blank if not applicable

  • Click + to save

5. Adjust expenses over time

  • Click the > to expand custom values

  • This will enable you to edit a cost over time

  • Enter another cost in a specific month or drag and drop to copy to several months

  • Click + to save

6. Delete, move, hide or copy an expense

You can adjust any expense by clicking the three dots on the right hand side to open the mini settings menu.

This will allow you to delete, copy, move or hide a certain expense.

7. Add comments to items

As above open the menu and click the comment item. This will allow you to comment on a specific item.

This can be helpful if you're working together as a team on the model or if you want to note down adjustments.

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